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Grading the New NFL Jerseys

Nolan Ferguson May 1, 2024

Currently, the NFL is in its offseason; during this time, some NFL teams chose to change up their uniforms. Today, I will share my personal opinions on a scale of A-F for the new designs in the 2024 season.  New...

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Savatage: A Metal Band From The 1990s

Nolan Ferguson April 21, 2024

When most people think of classic metal music, famous artists such as Motley Crue, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, AC/DC, and Def Leppard come to mind. However, many bands fall under the radar; one of which...

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Over-Simplification In Sports Needs to Stop

Nolan Ferguson, Staff Writer April 16, 2024

The opinions in this article do not reflect the views of Forest Hills Public Schools. Sometimes a rebrand for a professional sports franchise is a neat way to spruce things up and give the team a new...

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The First Two Days of NFL Free Agency

March 19, 2024

Free agency just opened in the NFL this past Monday, allowing players to make decisions on who they will play for or if they wish to switch teams. This caused a shake-up in the NFL landscape. When week...

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Variety Show 2024

March 8, 2024

Tonight, March 8th, Eastern High School will put on its annual Variety Show. This year's show will feature a wide range of acts from many different people. This year, some classics will be returning, and...

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Why the NBA All-Star Game Was a Joke

Nolan Ferguson, Staff Writer March 1, 2024

The following is the opinion of the author and does not reflect the opinions of Forest Hills. After watching the NBA all-star game a couple of weeks ago, I realized that these games get a lot of hype...

EDM Music from the 1990s: A Retrospective

EDM Music from the 1990s: A Retrospective

Nolan Ferguson, Staff Writer February 25, 2024

EDM music has been around for much longer than what most people would think. While some parents may feel as though EDM music is loud and disruptive, the classic EDM music is quite the opposite. Contrary...

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NBA All Star Weekend 2024

Nolan Ferguson, Staff Writer February 15, 2024

With the NFL season over and the Kansas City Chiefs becoming back-to-back Super Bowl champs, hockey and basketball will be getting more views on TV. Perfect timing for the NBA, because in a couple of weeks,...

Image courtesy of Giant Bomb.

Bejeweled: The Best “Match 3 Puzzle game”

Nolan Ferguson, Staff Writer February 9, 2024

The following article is an opinion piece by Nolan Ferguson. With thousands of games available for download, it's hard to keep track of them all. However, despite there being numerous categories for...

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The FHE Jazz Band

Nolan Ferguson, Staff Writer February 5, 2024

For the average Eastern student, school begins at 7:40, with most people arriving after 7:20. However, there is a small group of people who begin their school day at 6:40. These are the people who have...

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The Blizzard of ’78

Nolan Ferguson, Staff Writer January 25, 2024

Recently, West Michigan has experienced heavy snowfall, causing dangerous roads and many schools to close. Living in a northern state, we have had our fair share of blizzards, with the most recent one...

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