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Suggested Sitcoms


Are you running out of TV shows to watch? Do you enjoy comedies? Do you need a distraction from your everyday problems? If you answered yes to any of those questions then you came to the right place. Here are 11 sitcoms recommended to take your mind off your busy, overwhelming life…


  • This sitcom follows a group of six friends and roommates — Ross, Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, and Pheobe — as they navigate their young lives in New York. From complicated relationships to problems at work, the friends have each other’s backs no matter what by helping, and comically teasing, one another to get through their daily lives.
  • Worthy of its well-known status, this comedy is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys a classic sitcom.

The Office

  • Michael Scott runs the Dunder Mifflin paper company’s branch in Scranton, Pennsylvania as a TV documentary crew films the staff’s daily lives. The show captures the employees’ irrational actions, romances, and prank-filled escapades.
  • If you enjoy inappropriate humor and random shenanigans then this show is perfect for you; although this comedy is not for the easily offended.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

  • Jake Peralta, the childish yet talented detective, learns what it means to be responsible when the station appoints their new, serious captain, Raymond Holt. The series follows the captain and team of detectives as they solve crimes and navigate their personal lives and relationships.
  • If you enjoy watching the slow progression of an adorable romance, hilarious shenanigans, and touching yet strange relationships, then Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the perfect show for you.

New Girl

  • Quirky Jess moves into an apartment with three single guys — Nick, the underachieving bartender, Winston, the retired pro basketball player and sensitive cat-guy, and Schmidt, the egocentric materialistic businessman obsessed with climbing the social ladder — after she discovers her long-term boyfriend has been cheating on her. Alongside Cece, Jess’s best friend, the roommates work together to navigate their young lives, jobs, and relationships. 
  • This is the perfect series to binge-watch when you want a quick laugh, but it also provides viewers with heartwarming relationships to enjoy watching them progress.

Grace and Frankie

  • After their husbands come out to them as gay and declare their love for one another, Grace and Frankie find themselves lost, unsure of where to go with their lives. Alone and in their seventies, the pair form an unlikely friendship due to their unusual circumstances. 
  • Heartwarming friendships, unexpectedly inappropriate humor, and self-discovery are all elements of this sitcom. 

The Big Bang Theory

  • Genius theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper is knowledgeable on every subject except social cues. The show follows Sheldon and his group of similarly awkward and intelligent friends (plus their neighbor Penny) as they attempt to find love while also progressing in their careers. 
  • With a whopping 12 seasons, this is another classic sitcom to enjoy.

Modern Family

  • This sitcom follows the chaotic lives of a complicated extended family. From the problems of everyday life to petty family squabbles, the shows, in an overly dramatic way, what it is like to be surrounded by your extended family.
  • This sitcom has 11 seasons, allowing viewers plenty of time to get attached to their favorite family members and watch them grow as people.

Schitts Creek

  • After their lawyer steals all their money and flees, the previously wealthy Rose family are forced to move to a rural small town they own while they attempt to find ways to earn back their wealth. The family has trouble adjusting to their new lifestyle, but ultimately find much more value in their new small town than they ever could have in all their lost belongings.
  • If you enjoy laughing at the overly dramatic, rooting for sweet romances, and watching the slow progression of character growth, then Schitts Creek is the perfect show for you to binge-watch.

The Golden Girls

  • Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia are all elderly single women living together in a house in Miami. The show follows the hysterical dynamic of the four very different women in their golden years.
  • With hilarious one-liners from Sophia — who lost her filter when she had a stroke — and sage words of wisdom over cheesecake, this classic sitcom is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys touching comedies. 

Ted Lasso

  • While dealing with struggles in his personal life, Ted Lasso moves from America to England to become AFC Richmond’s new futbol head coach, despite being completely unqualified and only having experience as an American football coach. 
  • This heartwarming yet funny sitcom is perfect to watch if you enjoy a comedy series with touching morals.

Arrested Development

  • After George Bluth Sr. is arrested for fraud, Michael Bluth, George Sr.’s son, must help his spoiled family — and their family’s company — put back together the broken pieces of their lives.
  • If you like random comedy, then you should try giving Arrested Development a watch.

Other notable sitcoms include Tacoma FD and The Good Place, with an honorable mention of Psych (which is technically not a sitcom, but still a good comedy).

Did I leave any of your favorite sitcoms off the list? Feel free to comment on your favorites!

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